It all started in March 2020... Scientists began experimenting with new forms of energy and they accidentally opened a weird portal. First, nothing happened, but strange creatures appeared after some time. They left the portal and polluted our world with their dirty magic, killing millions of people. Our civilization has collapsed.
However, as long as even one man can still hold a gun, there is hope for this world. So take your rifle and kill as many of the creatures as you can. Drown these damned faeries in the sea of their blood... Make them pay for their crimes...

*** Game Features:
- See the sunrise over the majestic forest, feel the breathing of the grassy flatlands on a night of the full moon, admire beautiful and compelling 3D graphics.
- Explore and experience the indefinite, procedurally generated world, which is always full of surprises.
- Create a new universe with just one click.
- Plunge into the fast action using the most interesting kinds of weapons of the 20th century.
- Test your skills and face the challenge of an infinite number of waves.

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Additional Details

Company WildTangent Partner
Release Date January 16, 2019
DRM Steam™

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Processor Intel Core i7 2600K
Minimum Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® 660
Hard Drive Space 3 GB
PC Download Action PC Games Steam


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